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2021 - Voted Best Gym/Trainer in Calhoun

2021 - Voted Best Gym/Trainer in North Georgia

2021 - Voted Best Gym/Trainer in the State

destiny scogginsdestiny scoggins
03:28 05 Dec 22
Love the classes! I don’t do well just going to the gym and working out so when I found this and he had a 12 o clock it was perfect! So happy I picked them to get me in shape! No looking back now. ☺️ My second day was leg day and I’m not kidding saying I couldn’t walk for 3 days! You want a workout this is the place!
Terri DoveTerri Dove
13:15 03 Nov 22
Glad to have something like this in Calhoun. Fun and focused and motivating! Regular gym membership was not working for me. I needed direction and encouragement and looks like I found it here. Definitely feeling the effects of a great workout! Excited to join and get back in shape.
Jenna SantoriJenna Santori
18:12 20 Jul 22
Fit From the Core is awesome! It truly is the best place to get in shape or even just move a little. All ages are welcomed and all ranges of athletic ability are welcomed as well. You can go at your own pace, but it is the best environment to push yourself and have a great time while working out. Dorian the trainer will push you, encourage you, and cheer for you. His wife who pops in often is precious as well. Organized workouts have always been the best for me personally because it keeps me accountable and the workout is made by a trainer who knows how to target muscles etc. I've never been truly excited to go workout until I found my FFTC family. If you want a place to go there is no better choice than Fit from the Core.
Callie NorrellCallie Norrell
01:59 15 Jul 22
Highly recommend! Great workouts, great people, and a fun atmosphere! Dorian makes you feel super comfortable while pushing you to get the most out of your workout!
Haley SimerlyHaley Simerly
19:23 02 Jun 22
Best gym I have ever been to! I am not someone who has ever really enjoyed working out or had the motivation until I joined FFTC. They care about your success. I always feel great knowing I’ll have someone showing me exactly how to work out and that I’ll be in a family atmosphere.
Rebecca PayneRebecca Payne
01:25 02 Jun 22
I normally get a little nervous at a gym because I am not educated enough in how everything works. From day one it felt like home. And Dorian was very helpful in teaching me form and exercises. It feels like I accomplish something with each class I attend! Thank you guys!
Madison RILEYMadison RILEY
16:36 11 May 22
I have attended via zoom, I am out of state and own a nutrition shop. It’s perfect for me to go outside get some fresh air and join the workout class! It’s been amazing, so thankful to have found a workout class that I can attend or even if I can’t get on I have the classes to do later during the day!
Dane WoodDane Wood
01:11 04 Apr 22
These classes and Dorian are amazing! Super glad someone referred me to this gym! Dorian is great and knowing when to push you to give it your all.
Emberley ManessEmberley Maness
08:16 01 Apr 22
This place is unlike any other!! I don’t know of anywhere else I’d prefer to pay someone to torture me into making the best version of myself! Dorian isn’t just a trainer, he is a great friend, motivator, and competitor. He pushes you past what you think your best is to help you be better! I love every minute I get to spend at FFTC!-Ashley
Danielle RoddyDanielle Roddy
13:26 31 Mar 22
Dorian has created something truly special at Fit From The Core - I highly recommend for all ages, fitness level, in person, or on zoom. He is knowledgeable and will push you beyond any limits you think your body has… and is always watching to make sure your form is correct and engaging the correct muscles. Not only will you gain a great trainer, you will gain an amazing gym family. Walking into a full class of people where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating but everyone makes you feel welcome from the second you walk in the door and are so encouraging from start to finish! If you are hesitant or thinking about it, just go! You won’t regret… and you’re likely to get hooked like I did after just one class! The changes I’ve experienced after just 30 days are crazy… And I can’t wait to see where more time and consistency at Fit From the Core will get me!
Sarah WellsSarah Wells
19:55 27 Mar 22
Awesome place! Everyone is so kind and helpful. I feel like I'm making a healthy change for my life. Highly recommend!!
Penny BatesPenny Bates
17:11 10 Mar 22
I felt very comfortable starting at FFTC which is usually the hardest part of starting somewhere new. Everyone was very nice and helpful. It's a fun and relaxed environment. Dorian was very helpful and supportive.
Erika TapiaErika Tapia
20:36 09 Mar 22
I love FFTC! A friend of mine told me about it and convinced me to go. I have never felt more comfortable in an environment like this! Dorian pushes you to keep going and keeps you motivated. I love the classes during the week. Everyday is a different workout so not a day is boring or the same. I have been trying to find a gym with classes and an environment like this. Highly recommend!!!!
Lisa WellsLisa Wells
19:23 06 Mar 22
Highly recommend, friendly atmosphere. Dorian is great for accommodating all individuals with helpful suggestions. Great place to workout!
Howard WellsHoward Wells
13:12 06 Mar 22
I'm 60 years old and wasn't sure if I would fit in but they are very inviting and Dorian knows just how to get you going. I highly recommend for all ages!!
Cheyenne TatumCheyenne Tatum
18:03 20 Feb 22
Fit From The Core is definitely the go to place! I came from going to a gym and not seeing results, feeling defeated. Then, I fell in LOVE with this place after just two sessions! The music, atmosphere, and training is the best by far! After just one day I brought a friend and we will be canceling our gym memberships to come here from now on!
Megen CochranMegen Cochran
17:10 02 Feb 22
This week was my first week and definitely won’t be my last. Fell in love my first day and I look forward to coming every time. The environment is unbeatable!
Nikki RoddyNikki Roddy
02:46 13 Jan 22
I LOVE Fit From The Core! Dorian creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes getting your butt kicked FUN! He is knowledgeable and engaged with his clients during every session - he expects 110% and has pushed me to limits I didn’t know my body had! On top of that, the other members are very welcoming and encouraging. I was hooked from the moment I walked in the door on my first day, SO I no longer have to spend an hour trying to construct my own workouts - I have found my new workout home!Ps. Dorian cares about his clients - My bicep wasn’t working today and he took the time to gun it out, check on it throughout, and offered accommodations so I was still able to get the same out of the workout!!100/10!!
Courtney EvansCourtney Evans
22:41 12 Jan 22
Today was my first day & definitely not my last! He’s super helpful and I’m super excited to start this new journey!
Erica NewmanErica Newman
17:15 07 Jan 22
GREAT GYM! They truly care about clients. This is definitely like a family. No drama and no competition! Let’s you go at your own pace and you get a killer workout!
Maria Luisa JimenezMaria Luisa Jimenez
01:08 02 Dec 21
I love this place!! I love all the intense workouts we do. Dorian is a great trainer and motivator. I recommend this gym to everyone who wants a great workout.
Guadalupe JimenezGuadalupe Jimenez
03:51 01 Dec 21
My Close friend recommended FFTC and I went to try it out. I totally loved it!! I love all the work out routines through the week. Every single day is a different workout. I love the motivation in this place. Dorian is a huge motivator and does not leave you behind.
Nancy AlmazanNancy Almazan
20:07 23 Nov 21
So glad to have become a member of this gym! Dorian is such a great trainer and very helpful! Workouts can be intense but he always makes it fun! Highly recommend!
Chris HayesChris Hayes
23:41 03 Sep 21
I’ve only been here a short time, but it’s the best gym experience I’ve had. Aside from the dad jokes, Dorian is an excellent leader and trainer who truly care about the people, pushes us, yet encourages us. It’s fun and challenging. Can’t wait to see the progress over time. Amazing gym!
Cindy IngramCindy Ingram
01:06 18 Aug 21
I recently started Fit From The Core and was extremely nervous about what I would physically be getting myself into and the the overall experience in general. Within the first couple classes I felt like it was more than just a gym, but a family. Everybody is super inviting and welcoming and pushes each other to help create an awesome work out environment. I would highly recommend Dorian and his gym. If you’re like me, you may hate it while you’re doing it, but you go there and leave there feeling your absolute best!

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